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NEW Major Diesel Dell Toughbook KIT

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Diesel Diagnostic Rugged laptop for Reprogramming, Code Reading,DPF & SCR


If you’re planning to purchase a new laptop, this Toughbook Laptop should be the best option. While there are many brands and models available, it could be confusing at times so there’ll be more chances for you to get one that does not suit your needs. Always consider the features and benefits for end-users to ensure ‘value for your money.’ Combining top-tier diagnostic functions with the ability to tune ECMs, our diagnostic laptop kits are a must-have for owners/operators, repair shops, and trucking fleets.

The Major Diesel Diagnostic Laptop Truck Kit includes:

1. Dell Latitude Rugged 14

Microsoft Windows 10 64-Bit

Intel Core i5-3340M 2.7GHz Processor

8GB of RAM to handle multiple program operation.

500GB Solid State Hard Drive for quick load and boot up times compared to the traditional hard drives offered.

Li-Ion Smart w/AC Adapter Battery Charger

2. Noregon JPro DLA+ 2.0 Adapter Kit - 3.

Heavy-duty cables


9-pin (backward compatible with all existing 9-pin connectors)

OBD-II Type-B cable for Mack & Volvo

Medium-duty cables




USB cable

Adapter carrying case 

3.  JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software.


Costing less than most OEM “lite” software, Major Diesel provides top-tier diagnostics including:

● Identifying fault codes

● Perform service routines

● Configure replacement components

● Adjust and set parameters

● Perform stationary regens

● Perform cylinder cut-out tests

Looking for additional diagnostic software? Feel free to contact us for pricing or if you have questions about customizing a Diagnostic Laptop for your business.

Additional Software available:

Allison DOC Software

Bendix ACom

CAT Electronic Technician 

Cummins Insite

Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link

Eaton ServiceRanger

Freightliner Service Link

Hino eXplorer

International - ServiceMAXX Fleet Pro

International ABS

International DLB

International InTune

International IPC v2.02


VCAD Elite Mack/Volvo

V-Mac Service Tools

WABCO Toolbox

• Cat factory password



•PACCAR Engine Analyzer

• Detroit password generator


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