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We recently bought 2 Major Diesel software kits and adaptors to use in our training facility. We heard of Major Diesel several years ago when we were looking at purchasing a new scan tool. At that time, we did not have much history or experience with J-Ball so we resorted to buying a different scan tool. Since then we’ve had more and more students coming to our facility, telling us that all they use is Major Diesel software and that they are not familiar with our scan tool.

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A major selling point to us was that it is capable or scanning DPF and SCRFilters up until now our training engine was not able to perform any type of regeneration on a truck We went on to order 2 units, when these units got delivered Major Diesel technical support was amazing in getting us installed and activated. Nexiq adaptor was faulty and we struggled with this for sometime, however with their amazing team at Major Diesel we were up and running in no time. 

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We have 4 lab tops from Major Diesel and has been the best investment for our shop.  We have made 6X the return on our money. Allowing us to provide addiontional services to our clients at the shop. 

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Major Diesel has been supporting the trucking industry for 15 years, helping truckers get the truck they deserve and not the one the manufacturer thinks you deserve. Tuning your ECM safely increases horsepower and torque which means you accelerate faster, spend less time grabbing gears and can hold higher gears and lower RPMs up hills.Upgrading your ECM is the only modification you need to see big savings, noneed for turbo, injector, manifold or cam modifications. ECM tuning will reduce your downtime and derates. If you drive in a professional manner(watch your pyrometer and perform regular maintenance) you will see the best gains and experience no problems whatsoever.